• Welcome to
    Kenai Spine
    Kenai Spine is a regional spine Center of Excellence that combines the expertise
    of a fellowship-trained spine surgeon and a spine therapist — all under one roof.
  • All under one roof
    Kenai Spine combines MDs who specialize in non-surgical options,
    spine surgeons, spine therapists & diagnostics — all under 1 roof.
  • Internal Physical
    Our spine therapists help relieve back & neck pain symptoms
    and get you back to your favorite activities
  • Non-surgical
    Kenai Spine focuses 100% on back and neck pain,
    with both non-surgical and surgical treatment options.
  • Understanding your
    Our Internet site has symptom charts that show what
    may be causing your back or neck pain.
Patient Success Stories

Watch success stories from Kenai Spine patients

Due to a herniated disc in her lower back, Jill was living in constant pain and leg numbness to the point that it was difficult for her to walk. After physical therapy and non-surgical injections did not relieve her pain, Jill decided to visit Kenai Spine. Dr. Humphreys diagnosed the herniated disc and recommended surgery. In just 5 weeks following surgery, Jill was able to take a Caribbean cruise vacation. In the following months, Jill remained active, ultimately losing 47 pounds after surgery since she was able to exercise again pain free.

As a heavy duty mechanic on the North Slope, Arthur relies on his hands to make a living. When his arms and hands started going numb, he knew he needed to seek help. Arthur visited Kenai Spine where he received Artificial Disc Replacement, a surgery that replaces the damaged disc with an artificial implant that is intended to replicate the function level of a normal, healthy disc and retain motion in the spine. One month after surgery, Arthur was nearly pain free and had regained the function and feeling in his arms and hands.



There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

community outreach
Community Involvement

Kenai Spine takes pride in supporting the many communities we serve.

Medical Animations
Medical Animations

Watch various medical animations to learn about conditions and treatment options.


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Our Team
S. Craig Humphreys, M.D.

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Fellowship-Trained Spine Surgeon

John L. Andreshak, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Fellowship-Trained Spine Surgeon

Susan Reed, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Kenai Spine Gives Back to the community with Mission Trips to Africa and donations to local Alaska community charities.


Kenai Spine is now providing a TELEMED appointment via phone. We recognize that primary care physicians and emergency rooms are overwhelmed with COVID19 patients. If you have back or neck symptoms and need to see a doctor, please avoid going to an emergency room which is overwhelmed with COVID19 patients. We can provide a TELEMED visit that can help with many back or neck pain issues. Simply call our office to access a TELEMED visit.